Friday, June 27, 2008

Ellie's 2nd Birthday Video

A 6 minute video of Ellie's birthday is posted on the website. Click on the website link above, click 'Ellie', 'home videos', and it is the only link on the page. It does require a quicktime install if you are running on a Windows machine. Generally, it will tell you what you need and download it for you.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Ellie!

Ellie turned two yesterday, the 23rd. Time flies! She's still our Ellie baby though. Even Kaden still calls her that, it's cute. The kids had a fun day. We decorated the house with balloons and My Little Pony stuff because Ellie's into horses lately. We went out to eat at Senor Iguanos where Ellie ate lots of chips ("bips"), olives and chocolate milk which are some of her favorite foods. Then we went to McKee's Petting Zoo to see some real horses. The kids loved it --the puppies were their favorite. Then we had cake and presents at the house. Ellie liked all of her presents and even let Kaden open some. We got her the tricycle and helmet. She's been asking for one for a while because she was just using Kaden's old one and Minnie chewed one of the handles off. Here's some Ellie 101: Her favorite color is pink, she always wants the pink one. She has to wear bows in her hair everyday. Her best friend is Kaden and she does whatever he does all day. She has a BIG sweet tooth (like mom) and is not afraid to try anything. She still sucks her index finger to fall asleep and loves to share--even her chocolate milk with dad! She has huge brown eyes that melt dad's heart and has everyone wrapped around her finger. It takes quite a bit to make her laugh and she never smiles for the camera. Her nicknames are Ellie Baby and Ellie Belly. We are so glad that she is in our family and love her sweet and sassy ways! We love you Ellie!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Doggone It!

So our neighbors are building on to their house so they had this huge tractor digging a foundation hole this morning right on the other side of the fence from Minnie's kennel. She totally freaks out because it was loud and big and Jesse looked out the window in time to see her blast through this small opening in her kennel and get lose. I was out in the front a little bit later with my neighbor and Minnie appears in the front yard which was weird so we put her back...but she came back in the front. Each time she got out she would take off down the road because she was so afraid of the digger! I finally got smart and went in the back with her to see how she was getting out and I watched her get a running start and she jumped over our 7 foot fence! I guess I should have expected it with how big she it but it was still amazing to see. So I decided to chain her up to the fence until the digger was done. The pic shows the fence I chained her to thinking it was as far away from the digger as possible. I watched her try to jump the fence twice being chained to it and she obviously failed so I was turning to go back inside when she jumped the fence she was chained to, hanging herself on the other side! Of course I totally freaked out screamed for Jesse who came barreling upstairs and we ran outside to see Minnie choking to death on the other side of the fence. So Jess runs over and holds up this 100lbs dog to keep her from suffocating and I'm trying to undo this chain that is now jammed between fence slats. Finally we freed Minnie-she escaped with a cut on her foot which bled all over Jesse's work clothes! :0) I got smart and chained her up to her kennel which is not by a fence she can commit suicide on (second pic). Poor dog, she's been barking at the digger ALL DAY!Kaden was so excited about the digger and wouldn't eat breakfast until it was done. That was our crazy morning. It's a lot more funny now that it's over.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Picnic on the floor

My kids are so funny. They decided on Saturday to eat their meals on the floor under the table. All of the chairs had to be pushed in or Kaden would say "Mom can you close the chair?" He also has decided that Ellie gets to go with him on his mission to Mexico. (His uncle Jeff is on a mission in Mexico.) I told him Mommy and Daddy and Ellie stay home when he goes on a mission but he said that Ellie gets to go with him. Ellie fell asleep in sacrament yesterday and he tickled her face and gave her kisses for like ten minutes. Sweet little boy. I hope everyone had a good father's day. It was nice to have my dad here for a BBQ. You're the best dad! Jess went out and bought his own father's day gift on Saturday in addition to the ones me and the kids had already got him. My presents weren't as cool as a new set of golf clubs apparently. :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


We got these pics done of Ellie last week at Kiddie Kandids. They did a really good job because Ellie was a total stinker and smiled like twice. She's getting so big...she'll be two on the 23rd. Kaden's more excited for her birthday than she is-she'll figure it out though.

Two of a Kind

Kaden and Ellie are so cute togther. They are best friends. They always watch out for each other...if I give one of them a snack they always ask for one for the other person. When Ellie wakes up the first thing she asks for is Kaden. Lately they are obsessed with bugs. That's what they are doing in the picture by the door, they found an ant and followed it around for 10 minutes. Later on that day they had to eat cheese and sit on the cable box. They came back for more cheese like 5 times and had to go back and sit on the box to eat it. They get along really well but they also have their battles...which usually ends with Kaden crying and Ellie in trouble. I'm so glad I get to be a part of their lives. Oh ya, and Ellie is a disaster with popsicles!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Bad Boys

Kaden is quite obsessed with Jess's motorbike. He always makes sure dad takes his helmet whenever he rides it though. We've actually been trying to work with Kaden lately. His sunbeam teacher died in a motorcycle accident and now Kaden won't ride his spiderman bike anymore. Kaden says it's because motorcycles only have two wheels, not four like cars. Jess took him for a little ride down the street and back. Kaden would tell Jess to slow down when he would go too fast. We've always called him Cautious Kaden. As for the pic of Ellie...Kaden has the habit of going to the bathroom when he needs to whether he's inside or outside and Ellie picked up on it and uses her belly button to substitute for parts she doesn't have. Kaden is her hero for sure.