Friday, May 13, 2011

Behind again

Here's another catch up post...

Ellie loves to play with Kameron. She chases him all over the house and has HIM push HER on his little car. Once the weather turned warmer she let him push her on her tricycle too. It's fun to see them play and get along so well with the almost 4 year gap between them.

Easter was the usual color the eggs, find the eggs, eat the eggs deal. Most easter egg hunts are over in about 60 seconds so I got tons of eggs this year so they could hunt a little longer. This equated to TONS of easter candy left over. Still it was fun. The Easter Bunny hid Ellie's basket in the shower and Kaden's under the table. She even hid Jesse's in the washer! Sneaky! Kameron's was a little easier to find. :) Kameron finally figured out at the end that the eggs were supposed to go IN his bucket. He never didn't figure out his bucket had a handle so his eggs kept spilling on the floor.

(I really need to use a camera and stop taking so many pics with my iPhone- they're so fuzzy.)

Jesse was so nice and let me go to BYU Women's Conference this year. It was absolutely wonderful to get away and recharge my spiritual batteries. I went with my sister and met my cousins and aunt down there. It was nice to enjoy being with the girls and listening to amazing speakers. We even got to eat at Kneaders. Yum. Jesse was so nice to hold down the fort while I was gone. Work was crazy but he still ran the house and did it all. He's so good to me.

This is a pic of Jess and Kaden at our ward roller skating party. It was the first time we've ever taken the kids roller staking. Kaden had a rough time for sure. I think he expected to jump out there and start doing double axels or something because when he kept falling he was so hard on himself. He kept saying stuff like "I'm the worst skater ever; everyone is better than me". It got old after a while. Ellie was smart and held on to the stroller I was pushing Kameron in. Luckily I got to push Kameron in the stroller most of the night or I would have ended up like Kaden. And in case you were wondering- Yes, Jesse is hot in roller skates.

Finally! Last but no least, Cinco de Mayo! I have never really celebrated Cinco de Mayo. At Ellie's preschool they were doing a pinata at the very end and invited younger siblings to come. Kaden didn't have school that day so he came too. Well, this is what ended up happening..

Kaden didn't get to be a part of it because he was older than all the other kids. So I felt bad and decided to go get a pinata to do at our house later that night. Below is a picture of the face Kameron gave me when I told him he couldn't eat the Sixlet he found on the ground. He's so funny. He doesn't talk much yet but his expressions say it all.

What started with a simple pinata turned into a full blown fiesta! We hung a banner, tied balloons all over the kitchen, hung lanterns, had flags and sombrero hat straws, etc. We invited some friends over last minute and had a good time. We had chicken enchiladas, quesadillas, beans and rice and strawberry margeritas. (Alcohol free of course.) It was a good time. Se habla espanol?

This is our make-shift pinata. I realized after dinner that I didn't have a rope OR a place to hang one if I did. So we improvised with a mop handle and a belt. Worked the same. Kids still got to whack it with a bat and squealed like they had never seen candy before when it broke.

Whew! That's three weeks in a nutshell. I have the best life.