Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wicked, graduations and bikes

Jess and I got to go see Wicked in Boise in May. I have wanted to see Wicked for years and keep missing it by a day or two in different cities when we travel. I LOVED it. But I love musicals. Jess not so much. But he's so madly in love with me that he goes anyway. He did admit it was good and even laughed at some parts. We made a weekend of it in Boise and Tami came with us. She was kind enough to watch the kids while we went to the show.

We barely all fit in the car but we made it! Poor Tami was stuck in the back with the kids!

Our handsome chauffeur rocking out to Boots with the Fur! We missed you Nick!

We took the kids to the Discovery Center. It was a good time.

Tami took the kids to the zoo and the park while we were at Wicked.

And Ellie graduated from preschool! She loves, loves school and was not excited for it to be over. Mom sure is though! I love having my kids home with me. I miss them too much when they are at school. Summer is my favorite!

She was the cutest little piggy for their skit!

Here she is building her house of bricks.

Oh my handsome baby! He always smiles when I pull out the camera!

Then we had Kaden's kindergarten graduation. I actually got teary-eyed watching him walk down the aisle to the graduation march song. So silly. They sang some cute songs with actions then received their diplomas.
Kaden was so funny- a couple days before graduation he told me he didn't want to hug his teacher, he just wanted to give her a hand shake at graduation. So we told him just to stick his hand out and she would shake his hand. When he went to get his diploma he stuck his hand out to shake hers before he even took his diploma. She grabbed him and gave him a hug anyway!

And we finally got the kids new bikes! Kaden has been riding an $8 DI special and Ellie was still riding the tricycle she got when she turned two! They are always outside riding their bikes. It's the first thing they do after breakfast and usually the last before before bedtime. Now if the rain and construction would stop so Jess and I could ride...