Sunday, April 26, 2009

I wish it was warm outside

We had a couple days of spring-like weather. Kaden's favorite day of the year, besides his birthday, arrived! The first lawn-mowing of the season. He was so excited for 6 o'clock all day when dad would come home. He remembered right where Jess left his lawn-mowing shoes from last fall. He was so excited. I really thought his whole lawn-mowing thing was going to be a phase but this is the third year and he is still obsessed with it. Hopefully it lasts until it's his turn to mow the lawn!

We also did our first camping trip of the year this weekend! We went with the Edwards to Downata Hot Springs. Of course the weather was awesome all week but when the weekend came and we went camping it was FREEZING! During the day wasn't so bad because we went to the hot pools and had a fire but it got so cold at night. We ran out of propane in our trailer so the heater went out at 2 am. If Jesse wasn't by me all night I would have froze to death for sure. 
Kaden is helping dad hook up the trailer. What would dad do without you?
The  kids had a fun time riding bikes and chasing birds. It gave the adults some time to pig out and sit by the fire.
This is Ellie in her Barbie car. It made us laugh pretty hard. She would make me and Kaden push her in it. I still don't think she realizes this as a problem. 

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Girls Weekend Out

This weekend me and Ellie and my sister Casey went to my other sister Erin's house in Logan for a sister weekend. I decided to take Ellie with me to let Kaden and Jess have some male bonding time. Unfortunately Kaden was sick all weekend. Poor guy. He was so excited all week to go to the Fun Zone with just dad. They ended up watching movies on the couch. Us girls had a fun time chatting, shopping and eating too much. Thanks girls! It was a fun weekend!
Kate, Jane and Ellie played dress up. They all love being beautiful princesses. And Tinkerbell.
It was finally a sunny day! Ellie's warming up on her bike riding skills. 
Erin and Kate. Kate is a total mini-me of Erin. Except she doesn't like to smile for the camera. Super cute though.
Casey and Jane. All of the nieces and nephews love Aunt Casey. 
Me and Ellie. She was a hyper-jumping-jelly-belly-Ellie at the restaurant. Too little sleep the night before. She was so excited to go to Jane's house with just mom. She had a blast.
This is a pic I took of Ellie before we left. She said she had to wear these glasses while we played outside so that her eyes didn't get cold. They came from Kaden's Mr. Potato Head. What a nut!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

We had a fun Easter weekend! 

We went to Caldwell Park where they do a community Easter Egg Hunt. They had 20,000 eggs and they were all gone in two minutes.
They also had prizes out in the grass. I found a kite close by and told Kaden to run straight for the kite and grab it.
He was super fast and got the kite first! He was so excited! He keeps telling me the story over and over about how he was faster than all the other kids. Here he is showing his friend Brayden.
Then we went home and colored eggs.

That night we went to the Dodge National Circuit Finals Rodeo! We go every year. This year the kids really liked it though. They thought it was hilarious that the horses and cows would "kick those people off of them"!
Jess got a new yellow tie for Easter and Kaden was so excited that they had the same tie! 
All dressed up for church in their new Easter outfits.
The Easter bunny came to our house while we were at church!
So while we were waiting for dad to get home from his church meetings I did an Easter lesson for Kaden and Ellie and taught them about the Resurrection. Ellie listened very well to the whole thing. When I was done, she colored her Jesus and ran into her bedroom. I followed her in there and asked her what she was doing and she said she was putting Jesus in her dresser so that nobody could get Him. She didn't like the part of the story where they took Jesus away! I thought it was cute. What a sweet little girl.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It's official!

This might come as a shock to some and some of you already know... we are moving! We never imagined that we would end up staying in Pocatello so long! Our plan was to be long gone by now, yet we have found ourselves becoming more and more settled. We decided if we are in it for the long haul we wanted our kids to go to different schools. And let's face it, Interstate 86 isn't the best view (or sound) in the backyard! We love our neighbors and the ward but feel it is time for us to move on. We are moving to Chubbuck, exactly 5 miles away. We are excited about our new house. Please come visit us everyone! 

Sunday, April 5, 2009

"Mommy, where do babies come from?"

That's right. The dreaded question came... quite a bit earlier than I expected might I add. (At least it was Kaden and not Ellie.) We know quite a few people having babies soon and we have been watching a lot of Pinocchio. Here's how the conversation went:
"Kaden, Tera is going to have a baby!"
"Oh!" (You can see the wheels turning in his head as he contemplates this.) "And her tummy is going to get big? "
"Down in her shirt?"
"How does it get down there? Does she swallow it?" (Too much Pinocchio.)
"Does it go in here?" (Pointing at the other end)
"No...."(my heartrate is climbing at this point.)
"How does it get there?"
"Heavenly Father put it there."
"Did she go to heaven or did Heavenly Father come here?"
"No she didn't go to heaven."
"Oh, Heavenly Father came here?!"
"No.... she's just going to have a baby!"
"How? Did she go to heaven and get a baby?"
".... ask your dad when he comes home!"
Jesse lucked out. Kaden forgot by the time he came home. Whew. Escaped that one for now. Simple answers no longer suffice. He's getting too smart. If any of you have any suggestions let me know!

PS. One of my new year resolutions was to keep a better journal. I am not good at journaling at all so my blog is pretty much my journal so if any of my posts are boring and meaningless information to you, this would be why. I'm sure Kaden would love to read about this conversation when he's a dad!