Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March is almost gone..

I am horrible at posting lately. I can't believe it's been a month. Oops. March was busy but fun. Jess and I celebrated our 8 yr wedding anniversary on the 14th. He brought me home beautiful pink roses! Pink is my most favorite color for those of you who don't know.
I made him muddy buddies (which he remembered when I made them that they were his favorite treat-- I know him so much better than he knows himself :) Then we went to Sandpiper for dinner. Here are eight favorite memories from the past years:
1- Kaden
3- Kameron (in no special order of course... or are they?)
4- Our wedding day. He treated me like I was the most special person on earth.
5- Our honeymoon. He gave me a tiny white flower while we were on a hike and I still have it pressed in my scriptures in the Bible dictionary under the heading "Jesse".
6- Our first christmas together. We had NO money so we weren't going to get each other anything. He surprised me with tons of presents saying he "wanted our first christmas together to be special for me."
7- When we were taking celestial marriage together at the institute while we were engaged the teacher was talking about how we act when we cherish something. He pointed down at the way Jesse was holding my hand for an example. He was softly holding it between his two hands. Ahhhh. How sweet.
8- All of our vacations. He's always up to trying some new different restaurant or to go swimming spontaneously in the ocean with me. We always have a blast. And even when he gets ANGRY when he's lost I think it's cute. Love you sweetie.

Why are there so many wrinkles on my face?I feel old. I found my first grey hair the other day :( It had Jesse's name on it.

For spring break we decided to just go down to SLC for a getaway. Our trip was cut short when Jess had to work for 20 hrs the first day. One of the construction workers at the new hospital cut all of the internet wires so the whole hospital was down which wreaks havoc on Jesse's PACS system. Needless to say I didn't have a husband that day. We finally made it to our hotel in time for me to take the kids swimming. We stayed in West Valley at the hotel with the water park. The kids had a blast. Then we went back to the room just in time to watch Jimmer and the cougars lose the game. Bummer. We had a good weekend though. We went and had family pics done, ate at my favorite sandwhich place Kneaders, saw Tangled, hung out at Jeramy and Heidi's and went bowling.

Kaden LOVES bowling. It was the number one thing he wanted to do on our "vacation".

Who knew they had these to help kids bowl? Obviously not me or I would have been using one for years. I got THE WORST bowling score out of all of us. Including the kids. I'm good with that though. Bowling is not my favorite thing to do.
Saturday night we went to Jesse's 10 yr misson reunion. (Thanks again for babysitting Jeramy and Heidi!) I love listening to stories about his mission from OTHER people. They never fail to mention how crazy he was (like when he scaled the outside walls of the MTC to take the bars off his window) but also mention just as much how hard of a worker he was. Anyone want to watch my three kids for two weeks while we travel back to Croatia?? Where's Jesse?