Tuesday, September 21, 2010

First day of school

I'll admit I was looking forward to school starting again. It's nice to have a schedule and a little more quiet at the house. Ellie is going to preschool this year and Kaden started Kindergarten.

Ellie loves school. She came down the stairs on her first day with her backpack asking if it was time for school yet. She didn't even look back, just ran inside and hung up her coat.
Kaden was also pretty excited. But when I picked him up on the first day he buried his face in my leg and bawled. He HATES it. Every time he has to go he cries and cries. Hopefully it gets better. They are doing all-day kindergarten so maybe the day is just too long for him. Who knows. Poor guy. Any suggestions?

San Diego 2010

The more we go to San Diego, the harder it is to leave each time. I'm getting pretty attached. We always have a blast. There's something about the ocean that makes you always want to go back...

Here are the kids on the plane. It's always such chaos getting through the airport with three suitcases, three kids and three carseats!

We got to San Diego on Tuesday which was my birthday. I got to pick where we had dinner so I chose Alfonso's in La Jolla. We've been there before and I love their soup and tortillas!

La Jolla is so pretty! After dinner we walked around the shops and watched seals swimming in the cove.

While Jess goes to meetings all day we lay around the beach. The kids played here for hours!

My sweet baby Kameron. Always gives a smile!

Here's Jess with the kids riding the waves. We had gorgeous weather!

Kameron was content to crawl around in the sand and would have stayed there forever. I was surprised, he didn't even try to put the sand in his mouth.

Since it's been eternity since I posted, this is the first picture of Kameron crawling. He started crawling at seven mos old. He crawls like this though, on his hands and feet. It's pretty cute. He already pulls himself up to a stand on furniture. I think he'll be walking pretty soon...

The kids' favorite part is always Seaworld. This year they had a new dolphin show which was pretty cool.

Kaden wanted to sit in the soak zone at the Shamu show. We got pretty wet. Ellie cried. So did Kameron.

We got wet again at the dolphins and at the dog/cat show. Ellie cried every time. So did Kameron.

Kaden LOVES to ride his bike so Saturday morning we rented some beach cruisers and went for a bike ride on the beach. Jess and Kaden were on a tandem bike and I pulled the trailer with Kameron and Ellie in it.

That afternoon we went to the pier. This statue is next to the USS Midway. It was huge.

We love eating sea food, but only when it's fresh. That's one of my favorite parts about going to the coast. It was cool to watch the boats and the seals in the water during lunch.

Next we took the ferry over to Coronado. It's another small touristy town place. I like the lady smiling at the camera behind us! :)

We went to a cupcake shop in Coronado and Kaden and Ellie each picked one. Their choices are so typical of their personalities: Kaden - vanilla on vanilla and Ellie - chocolate on chocolate! Kaden is very cautious and predictable. Ellie's wild and ready for adventure!

Our new camera does a panoramic shot. Kinda cool.

I found this handsome guy on the pier. He's a keeper!

Ellie's haircut

Well, the inevitable happened. Every family has their story of their children cutting their hair. We all know Jesse has a strong preference for long hair. I quickly realized that when it comes to Ellie, I do too. I was sitting in the office at the computer when Ellie came in to ask me a question. I looked over at her and immediately yelled, "What did you do!?!" Ellie had chunky layers on both sides of her face going all the way up to her ears. Jesse came running in and when he found out what was wrong he pounded his fists on the ground and yelled, "NO!!" To no surprise all of this yelling made Ellie start to cry. Jesse immediately scooped her up to make her feel better. We definitely over reacted. To add to the problem it was 5 o'clock at night on Labor Day and we were leaving for San Diego at 7 am the next morning. Luckily, Malad is on the way to Salt Lake so we ran down to Tera's house and she fixed Ellie's hair. (Thanks Tera!) We had to cut off 8 inches total. Ellie was hardest on herself. She told Jess, "I hate my face!" After it was cut I asked her that night if she liked her hair cut and she said, "No, I just want my hair long." Hopefully she'll remember that next time she decides to play with her school scissors with Kaden!
This was the pile of hair I found in the garbage can. We came to find out that it was Ellie's idea but Kaden did a few snips too!

This side was the worst. You can't really see it but she took a chunk out just above her ear lobe.

She did pretty good on this side! It actually looked like it was supposed to be that way. For an after shot, see following posts...