Sunday, May 30, 2010

weekend away

We took a little weekend getaway to Salt Lake Friday and Saturday. We needed some family time. I always notice such a big difference in all of our attitudes towards each other when we take time for all of us. It was short but sweet!

It rained on us the whole time at the zoo. It was actually really nice. It was a constant sprinkle so we didn't get drenched and we all had umbrellas. It kept the crowds away and the temperature perfect. It was our best trip to the zoo yet!

I love this picture. It makes it look like the giraffe was super close.

Kaden got his finger pinched in his umbrella and it ruined the rest of the trip for him. So when they went on the carousel he didn't want to pick an animal. You can see him sitting on the bench. Ellie had a blast though!

This picture made me laugh! If you've been to Hogle Zoo you know that this big wooden elephant makes random noises through it's trunk. Ellie was sneaking up to it and it blasted her right in the face. I caught the picture at the right second. Pretty funny.

I call this little guy my happy Kam-per. He's so cheerful.
Saturday we went shopping, to the planetarium and then took the kids to Shrek Forever After. Cute movie. Fun weekend. Over too soon.

Monday, May 17, 2010

What we've been up to...

I haven't posted in like a month but not a whole lot has happened. Here's some random pictures from the last few weeks...

Ellie loves to play in the hampers while I do laundry. As long as she has that blanket she has named "number one" she can sleep anywhere. Love the static hair.

This would have never happened to child #1. But when there's three kids and house chores, sometimes the little guy gets neglected for a while. Poor little thing.

Kameron LOVES to smile. He especially smiles when Kaden and Ellie give him attention. He's starting to be a good mix of Kaden and Ellie in looks and in attitude. He's starting to cry a lot more, which is still not very much. His cry is pretty loud when he gets going just like Kaden but he's super easy to please and pacify just like Ellie.
Here's my babysitter Ellie. She likes to push Kameron around in his stroller. Kaden and Ellie are so good with him. They'll feed him his bottle if I'm busy or if we are in the car. In some ways child #3 is easier than having just one! But just some ways.

Kaden learned how to ride without training wheels this week. It took him one try without Jesse holding him and he got it. He hasn't had a crash yet.

When Kaden wants a new toy he has to earn money for it. Here he is doing the laundry for me so he could get a new train set. (He knows how to run the washer better than Jess, no lie.) He is such a hard worker and Ellie is so NOT a hard worker. Ellie was earning some princess gloves which were $7 and Kaden's train was $50. They both finished earning their money on the same day. Kaden would work hard all day and Ellie would only do it when she wasn't doing anything else... which was never. But all three of my babies are the best. Kaden and Ellie always help when I need them to and Kameron sleeps amazing at night. I can't complain at all.