Saturday, February 7, 2009

Jess Tag

How did we meet: Destiny took a hand here. We initially met at work, then had a sociology class then met again in Eternal Marriage institute class. Someone was making sure we had the opportunity to meet. 
How long we dated before we were married: seven months
How long we have been married: 6 yrs in March
What's my favorite feature about him: green eyes and smile when he laughs
What's my favorite quality about him: logical and honest
What's his nickname: Wakedog (yes, its self-proclaimed)
What's his favorite color: orange (we discussed it this morning!)
What's his favorite food: Anything I make! Just kidding. Actually probably anything his Gma Helen makes!
What's his favorite sport: to play, tennis or racquetball, to watch, football
Who said the L word first: he did
First kiss when and where: don't know the date but we had been dating a couple weeks I think... outside his apartment
Favorite couple thing to do: dinner and a movie--has to be Texas Roadhouse for Jess and I usually fall asleep during the movie
How many kids: two, Kaders and Ellie baby
Hidden Talent: He can whistle extremely loud... if you have heard it you would most definitely agree it's LOUD
Favorite music: he likes most anything but really enjoys his Croatian music still
What I admire most about him: his integrity
His favorite past time: fly tying, playing on his Mac and his iPhone
Will he read this: eventually
I tag: Jami (let's face it girl, you need an excuse to post), Wendi, Tami, Heather

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Kaden Video

This video shows Kaden sliding down the hill, but it is deceptively slow looking. He was moving quiet fast.  Just type the link in your browser:

McCall 2009

We went to McCall again this year for the Winter Festival and had tons of fun! We went with two other families and decided to bring our kids this year. They loved it. We took them to see the elk, looked at the snow sculptures and went snow tubing. Kaden had never been sledding down a hill before (aren't I an evil mother?) and he loved it. The hill was pretty big but he insisted on going down by himself. They even spun him around before they pushed him down and he was still laughing at the bottom. We had a blast! Jess and I decided the kids made it that much better!

This was the biggest snow sculpture... the theme for the year was Camelot I think... lots of castles.

Jesse said this tree was smiling before me and Tami came along!

This was the sculpture at our hotel.

Hey handsome! The elk come and literally eat the hay that you are sitting on. The guide said they like the warm hay better.

"Mom, do you have a tissue?" were the words I heard and this is what I saw when I turned around! Yes, an elk sneezed on Kaden's face! Gross! Luckily I did have a tissue!

Ellie got a cold the day we left town and was so groggy the whole day! She took three naps, including one while we were on the sleigh with the elk. Nick put hand warmers in her hat to keep her face warm.