Monday, November 29, 2010

Catch-up pictures

Since I've been horrible at posting lately I thought I would put up some random pics I found on my iPhone...

I think this is the funniest picture of Kameron! Taken this summer in West Yellowstone.

Family picture at Mesa Falls.

Kaden tackling a Big Judd's burger!

My boys! Kaden is the biggest helper with Kameron.

Spongebob pj's! They love wearing these together.

Kaden thought he was so funny the other night, he insisted I take a picture.

We went to dinner with Keri and Jim. Why does Keri have antlers?

Kameron in his winter hat.

Kaden and Ellie playing in my mom's backyard in the leaves.

It's so handy to have a camera on my iPhone. Tons of moments I would have otherwise missed.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Girls Weekend

This last weekend my sister Erin turned 30. To celebrate all of us sisters and my mom had a shopping trip in Park City/Salt Lake. It was so much fun! Jess was super nice and watched the kids for two full days.

Me and my mom. I love that lady!

Here's Erin Casey and Keri (left to right.) All of my sisters are so amazing to me. They always just love me for who I am.

These two pictures are a total inside joke that runs in the family. To sum it up we like to laugh at silly things, which is why I love my sisters. Thanks for the awesome weekend girls! Can't wait til I turn 30! Vegas baby!

Halloween 2010

Better late than never. Here's the Wakley Family Halloween 2010:

Kaden was Optimus Prime, Kameron a duck and Ellie a Princess.

He sure hated this costume! Kept him warm though.

Here's Ellie the Princess for trick-or-treating.

Here's Ellie the Mouse for her preschool party.

And Ellie the Angel for the ward carnival. Good thing she hasn't grown in two years, all of her old costumes still fit!

We made Halloween sugar cookies with Mary's BEST EVER sugar cookie recipe.

Jess dressed up as a princess for the ward party! Ellie was so discusted that dad was wearing makeup. He won the award for the nuttiest costume. Even dressed as a girl sweetheart, you still look good! :)