Tuesday, March 16, 2010

7 years

Sunday was our 7 year wedding anniversary! We didn't do anything exciting. We couldn't find a babysitter so on Saturday we took the kids bowling and then we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. It was fun to spend our anniversary as a family. The longer your married, the less romantic you become!

Ellie loved her bowling ball and would give it hugs every time she bowled. She did end up wiping out on the slick part of the wood. Oops!

Jess would give her ball an extra push down the alley. Kaden did pretty good by himself though.

Kameron slept the WHOLE time. Which is actually nice though. I think it's kind of funny that we go and do all this fun stuff and he just wakes up back at home again!

It's nice that Kaden can take pictures by himself! Now we don't have to ask some random person who doesn't know us to take our pictures while we cheese-it for them!

While we were waiting for our food at Texas we all made crazy faces for the camera.

Ellie's were best. We were all laughing at her. This is just one of many that she made.

That's my sweetheart! Too bad I'm the one that posts the blog so he doesn't get to chose the pictures! Hehehehe!

We did have a romantic moment I guess. On Sunday we danced to our wedding dance and had cheesecake. Then we took a quiz to see how well we knew each other. Jess did better than I did which actually surprised me. I still think he would rather see Jonny Cash in concert over Jack Johnson. Oh well. Love you sweetie!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

5 weeks old

Kameron is five weeks old today. He weighs roughly 9 lbs. He has allergic colitis due to a milk allergy so I had to quit nursing and he gets soy formula now. But he is doing great and is getting big. We couldn't get along without him!

Jess and Kameron just about to take a Sunday nap.

One night Jess put a diaper on Ellie. We were all laughing but Ellie took it off immediately!

Ellie and Kameron are a lot alike, not just in looks. They both have the milk allergy, horrible reflux, and they were both great babies. No offense Kaden but I spent too many nights walking the floor with you screaming in my face!

Kameron always makes this confused face and with his lips like an "O". It makes me laugh. Super cute.

When he was born Jess and I were both confident he would have green eyes like Kaden and Jess. Now I see we were wrong. They are definitely going to be brown.

Kameron's first Sunday at church was this week. It makes me nervous to take him there with all those germs, but Jess kept him and high priests don't care too much about babies! :)

I had to pack away all his newborn clothes this week which was kind of sad. Kaden already has anxiety about him not staying little. That's ok he'll always be the baby... until number 4 comes along!