Sunday, January 18, 2009

Saturday Night Curlers

Every Saturday night of my childhood was the same. Dinner. Bath. Pajamas. Curlers. You girls that grew up in the 80's know which ones I'm talking about. The pink plastic and foam ones. The ones that made it hard to sleep because your head was covered in uneven lumps. And there was always that one curler with that one hair that was pulled too tight. Then came the morning when one of the curlers had fallen out so you had one strand that didn't look right. But I have to hand it to my mom... she had six heads of hair to do, four of which were girls, so it's no wonder she took shortcuts. My sisters and I look back at those nights now and laugh. So I couldn't help myself. I decided to put Ellie through the same torture and put her hair in curlers on Saturday night. I tried it once when she was like a year old but Jesse snuck behind my back and loosened them all before she went to bed, which obviously led to disaster in the morning. While I was putting the curlers in Kaden came up and said, "Oh Ellie, your hair looks so pretty!" Erin, Keri and Casey, this one's for you! (Like the song? hahaha)

And then the next morning...

Holy Macaroni! Can you say Shirley Temple? Every curler I pulled out I laughed harder and harder. It was so stinkin curly! Kaden came in and I asked him if Ellie's hair was pretty and he said, "No, it looks silly!" People at church kept asking me if I had permed her hair. Jesse and I have been laughing all day. It is sooo curly! Way funny. Is this what my hair looked like when I was little and nobody told me? You looked gorgeous today Ellie, that's the only reason people were staring! Hahaha! Still laughing.

It's hard to see how short it made her hair with the couch in the background, but her hair is usually past her shoulders.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

First day of school

Today was Kaden's first day of preschool. I wanted to put him in last fall but he kept saying he didn't want to go to school. So I figured one year of preschool was enough. But then he realized all of his friends go to preschool and his mom is pretty boring so his teacher let me enroll him for a half year. He only goes once a week but it's great to warm him up for full-time preschool in the fall. He was so funny, he said "Mom, you and Ellie can't go to the Fun Zone while I'm at school!" The Fun Zone is this arcade and play gym in town. He loved his first day, and loves to do his homework. It's nice to have some time with just me and Ellie at home.

Oh, and by the way, I am NOT pregnant, nor do I have a desire to be. But thanks to Jami and Jesse for the jump start on the rumors!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Better spaghetti and six loads of laundry

So I've been sick this past weekend and Jess has had to do pretty much everything around the house. You name it, cooking, laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping, errand running, kid-tending... EVERYTHING. And I must say, it would have made me feel a little better if he didn't do it so well. I would have felt a little bit of satisfaction if he had struggled a little bit and wondered how I did it all day, every day. But no. He totally outshines me in the Mr. Mom category. On Saturday he completed six loads of laundry, (a feat which I can never seem to do), made the best spaghetti we've ever had, went grocery shopping, worked on his computer for four hours and took care of the kids all day, including their bath. Didn't break a sweat, didn't miss a beat. Got me thinking, maybe he should be the stay at home dad and I'll go to work full-time. But no, he still makes more per hour than me at work. I can't win. But then again, it looks like I did the day I married him! Thanks for all you do sweetheart! I love you!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Peg Leg Chubbs

Poor Chubbs. Wednesday night I came upstairs to find he had peed on my floor AGAIN. I opened the door and tossed him out on the grass and the next thing I heard was him yelping in pain. He landed right on his little foot. I instantly felt bad and cuddled him for an hour. He wouldn't put any pressure on it all night. I felt so bad! I cried myself to sleep and woke up and took him to the vet. Three broken toes. The vet tried to make me feel better saying she sees little dogs with broken bones all the time. So he has to wear this cast for a month. It hasn't slowed him down at all. He cruises around the house at top speed still. I was excited because he finally got enough of his shots to get his hair cut... now we have to wait a month until his cast comes off. Scruffy Peg Leg Chubbs.