Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween 2011

Jesse dressed up as a couch potato this year. I kept calling him my sweet potato. Isn't he cute? Once again I dressed up as Jen Wakley.

Instead of making the huge mess of carving our pumpkins this year I decided to paint them. It was so much easier and the kids loved it! We did our usual boys vs girls contest. They both turned out cute.
Kameron was a green dragon this year. He didn't mind his costume at all. At every door he would drop his candy in his bucket and then say "See ya!"

Ellie was a princess again this year. Rapunzel to be exact. Kaden was a hunter. He's pretty much been obsessed with hunting since he went with Jess. But I didn't mind because it was the easiest costume ever!
I thought this pic was funny! I think he just discovered his finger fits perfectly in his nose!

Jesse's first elk

Jesse shot his first elk this year. It was only a spike but it was the first one he saw and he doesn't care about the size too much. Especially since I don't like the meat anyway! Unfortunately for the elk his first shot wasn't fatal so they had to track the poor thing down for four hours before ending it's suffering. (I'm trying to not let my personal feelings about hunting come out in the post. Is it working?)
He had a lot of fun with Nick either way. We all went up the week before to try for his deer tag. But Kaden and Brayden were with them so it was hard to really see anything. And they almost got their licenses taken away by the Fish and Game for riding four wheelers on a closed trail. :) Me and Ellie and Kameron had a much more comfortable time watching movies and drinking hot chocolate in the trailer.
Here's our full freezer. I don't know who's going to eat all of this meat.