Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gotta love those kids

With the arrival of our new one coming up, you could say I've been a little distracted and stressed on occasion. I want everything to be ready and perfectly clean before our little guy gets here. Unfortunately, some days that means Kaden and Ellie get the brunt of my emotions, less than healthy meals and extra cartoon-watching while mom takes a rest. They are super cheerful kids though and have been super nice to their fat-n-lazy mom. For example, the other day I was battling with the credit card company over the auto-renew Costco membership charge on my cancelled card. As usual I was stuck in one of those never-ending conversations with the automated lady who kept asking me to repeat my response. The kids were eating lunch in the other room and kept yelling at me to come help them. When I would tell them to wait, the automated-lady would think I was talking to her, of course, and would send me in a circle of options. This happened like three times so I finally went into the kitchen and less than politely told the kids to wait until I was off the phone. After I finally got my issue resolved, I went back into the kitchen and apologized for getting upset. Ellie said just as cheerful as ever, "Oh that's OK! We just "X"ed you!" Which means they draw an imaginary "X" over me. They do this to things they don't like. Made me feel a bad, which was good. My cheerful kids deserve better on many occasions. Here they are taking a bubble bath tonight instead of mom. I figured they needed the stress relief more than I did. They're the best!

Only one more day alone with these two rascals! They are so excited for the baby... hopefully it lasts! Stay tuned for a baby post in a week or so!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Jeramy, this one's for you

For years now Jess and Jeramy have had a sibling rivalry over random trinkets from their childhood which they consider to be treasures. For example, Jess was quite jealous when he heard that Jeramy was given the old elf Christmas ornaments and the pair of chili bowls with the handles missing. Jeramy claims Jess was favored because he got the Lazy Boy and the old 1989 Buick. Jess claimed revenge by stealing the Barnum and Bailey's Circus cup. (We subsequently lost said cup and it has somehow been blamed on me. Geez Jen!) We actually got rid of the car and the chair so Jess was left with nothing. But out of the kindness of his heart and an even bigger stretch of his pride, Jeramy gave Jesse a beloved chili cup for his birthday. Only because he has the other one. He actually claims he gave up Heidi's. So when we had soup the other night for dinner Jess promptly replaced the bowl I set for him with the chili cup. Soup tastes better in the cup, just like milk tasted better in the long lost Circus cup. I think the boys are crazy. Jesse's poor mother has had to quit handing down childhood treasures because she is constantly blamed for favoritism. Thanks so much for the birthday present Jer, the soup was GREAT!