Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Little Fisherman

Kaden and Jess went ice fishing with some friends a couple weekends ago. Kaden surprised them all by catching a fish within about one minute of putting his hook in the water.

I wasn't there but I am told that Kaden stayed by his hole the entire time and wasn't interested in playing with the other kids. The next weekend Jess took Kaden out again down by Malad and they caught about 5 more fish. Kaden's all about hunting and fishing these days. It's funbecause it is great boy-time for him and Jess. Mom's not much of a fisherman or hunter! :)

Jess taught Kaden a rhyme and for the next week Kaden would walk around the house saying, "Fishy, fishy in the brooke, won't you bite my little hook!"

Ellie just played with the other girls the whole time. Not much patience for fishing. Kaden and Jess ate the fish that night. Kaden LOVES to eat fish but got kind of nervous when he found a bone in it. I like to eat fresh fish too, but after seeing Jess skin the fish, I was out. I guess it was a little too fresh for me.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

What do you think?

Tons of people say that Kameron looks just like Ellie. Not just family who remember what Ellie looked like as a baby but other people too like their doctor, neighbors, etc. So I pulled pictures up in iPhoto of Ellie when she was weeks old like Kameron. I was shocked. They really do look A LOT alike. What do you think...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I've always heard the third child is the killer. We love our baby Kameron but he does require some adjusting.

Kaden got booted to the back seat in the car. He gets car sick pretty easy so we'll see how that goes. Poor Ellie has lost her favorite coloring pal because I'm always feeding the baby. Jess has yet to catch up from his "time-off" when Kameron was born. I use the term time-off lightly... really he was still on-call and stayed up until 2 every night answering emails, trying to keep his head above water. My house is trashed, the laundry is not done and dinner has been leftovers every night this week. But we love our baby boy. He's so good to me at night. He goes back to sleep after eating only cries when you wipe his bum with a cold wipe.

He had his two-week appt today and now weighs 7 lbs 9 oz. They also did his circumcision today. They used to do it in the hospital but changed the policy. It's been a sad day- if he's awake he's crying, which is not like him at all.
Here's how bedtime goes at our house. Instead of our normal family time when mom brushes teeth and dad plays with the kids, they get to watch a movie.

Life will return to normal soon! It's all worth it because we have the sweetest little angel in our home!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Kameron Neil Wakley

Kameron Neil Wakley was born January 28th at 7:18 am, weighed 7lbs. 2 oz. and was 20 in. long. We are so excited he is finally here. He is the sweetest little thing and we all are quite attached to him already. Things went well during the C-section. Kameron had some troubles breathing at first so he spent about a half hour in the NICU but we were blessed with a perfectly healthy little boy.

I was too excited the night before so I only got three hours of sleep. One of the disadvantages of knowing when you are going to go have a baby!

Kaden was 9 lbs and 22 inches long when he was born... needless to say he never wore newborn clothes. I guess I was kind of expecting the same thing with Kameron but by the time we left the hospital he was only 6 lbs 11 oz. I put this 0-3 mos outfit on him and it was HUGE. The picture doesn't show it very well but his legs are only half way down the outfit. We had to make a trip to get some clothes for the poor guy.

Here are my boys. What a good looking crew! You won't find pics of Ellie with the baby. Until today she pretty much ignored his existence. She never said anything bad about him... she never said anything about him at all really. Today though she saw that he can actually open his eyes and so she started to pay a little attention to him. At least she doesn't hate him! Kaden is quite the opposite. He loves the baby and always wants to hold him. He makes sure he knows where he is and always tells me that he loves our baby. Kameron has the best big brother!

Kameron is the best baby. He sleeps a lot and only cries when he gets his diaper changed. He HATES to be cold. We need to invest in a diaper warmer. He does pretty good at night, I really can't complain. My mom has been here this week which is a life-saver. She pretty much takes care of the older kids and I take the baby. Thanks again, mom! You're the best!

Jess is also a super help. This week at work has been pretty much the worst week to have a baby but he helps out so much and stays up until 2am to get his work done. He always gets up and changes the baby's diaper at night so I don't have to kneel down on the floor. He always takes Kameron so I can have a nap even though he has tons of work to do. He takes such good care of us. I love him to death! He's all mine!

Here's the little guy with his eyes open. He was my most active baby by far when he was in my belly but now he just sleeps all day. I'm sure his energy will come back.

I love that all of his socks are knee-highs. He's so little. At his 5 day appt he had gained .9 oz. They rounded up to 1 oz for us. What a cutie.

A lot of people say he looks like Kaden with Ellie's complexion. I think he's a good mix of both, what do you think?

Like I said before, Kameron HATES to be cold. His umbilical cord fell off today so he got to have a bath and boy did it make him mad. It was about 90 seconds long but even that was too long for him. We love our little Kameron and are so excited he is here and healthy.