Thursday, May 29, 2008

At long last

For those of you who know Kaden you know that he has been desperately waiting for the day when Jess would mow the lawn. The day finally arrived and Kaden was SO EXCITED. He has his own lawn mower which is his most precious toy and as the picture shows he followed behind Jess the whole time he mowed the lawn. We had barely sat down for dinner when Kaden said he was done and wanted to go back outside with Jess and work. If his ambition continues into his teenage years Jess and I will be able to sit back and relax. Within the past couple days Kaden has also started crying whenever Ellie cries and when I ask what's wrong he says that when Ellie is sad it makes him sad. He has such a tender heart and good work ethic...but watch out girls...he's still my baby boy.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Change is good

Well we graduated from our Dodge Caravan to a Honda Pilot. I actually went looking for Honda Odyssey's but ended up liking the Pilot even better.  It took a couple days to get Jesse on the band wagon but he finally jumped aboard. Kaden and Ellie really like it even though they have to sit in carseats now (the caravan had built in car seats.) Kaden likes the window in the ceiling and Ellie likes to roll down her own window. Such small luxuries that the van didn't have. :) I also got a little crazy and painted our whole upstairs! I did an accent wall in chocolate brown and painted the rest a beige. I didn't tell Jesse I was going to do it so he just came home from work to a little surprise. We really like it though...the pic doesn't do it justice. We got rained out of our yard work this weekend. Don't worry...we'll finish our yard by September!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

All in a days work

We are spending our Memorial Day weekend in the yard. Jess and Kaden are building Minnie a kennel in the back. Kaden is such a helper! Ellie not so much-she rides her bike and talks about doggie poop. I included a pic of Minnie next to Kaden to show how big she is getting. Hope you all had a good holiday weekend!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hogle Zoo

We enjoyed a Wakley family trip to Hogle Zoo last weekend. It was pretty warm but we were all lucky enough to avoid sunburns. Ellie liked the elephants and the tigers...Kaden the monkeys and giraffes. But the biggest hit of the day for sure was the leopard that was pacing back and forth by the window. All the kids were laughing and kind of teasing it as it walked by. It kept turning around right in front of Kaden which made him laugh. We got to ride the train at the end but no picture...dead camera battery. The zoo is always a hit with my kids and it was fun to enjoy it with family...even though it took 5 strollers and eight adults to control the gang. 

Sunday, May 18, 2008

I finally did it!

OK so finally joined the band wagon (thanks Heidi!) and decided to join the world of blogging. I enjoy looking at other people's blogs so now I'll just have to start adding my own. It is a good way to keep family updated so here we go. Here is an intro of our family:
Jess: The man of the house, works very hard at his job and has made quite an improvement in the radiology community in southeast Idaho. We are so proud of him. For all who don't know Jess very well some of his talents include sarcasm, spinning books on his fingers and computers. His hobbies include fly tying, paintballing, Halo 3 and motorcycle riding (sorry Mary!)
Jen: I am the Queen bee or so I like to think so! I graduated from ISU in dental hygiene 2005 and just do pick up days and stay home with the kids. I like to scrapbook, craft and shop and if chocolate was a hobby or talent I would be a novice. 
Kaden: Our three and a half year old red head. Has the sweetest heart and always tries so hard to do what I say. He just finished his premier soccer season and is so excited about his trophy. His best friends are Ellie and Brayden and he likes spiderman fruit snacks and Doritos.
Ellie: Our sassy almost-two year old. She kills us all with her big brown eyes and has dad wrapped around her finger. She likes anything with sugar and can't sleep at night unless she has all three blankets, her stuffed nemo and her princess pillow.
Minnie: And last but not least our black Great Dane puppy (in age not size). Minnie joined our family November 3, 2006. She is 8 mos old and weighs 80-90 lbs.  
Keep watching for updates hopefully to come soon! 
Love, The Poky Wakleys