Sunday, August 14, 2011

Casey and Shane

My little sister Casey got married 12 days later to Shane Humphries. They are an awesome couple and he is so good for her. All of my sisters were her bridesmaids. She had a beautiful outdoor wedding at a church in the country. Unfortunately since I was busy chasing kids around and being a bridesmaid I don't have many pics of her wedding yet.

But she was a gorgeous bride and I am so happy for her. All of my siblings are married now and I must say we have all made perfect choices. But nobody's as lucky as I am...

Jeff and Anna

My little brother Jeff got married on July 30. I can't believe he's married. He picked an amazing girl named Anna Belnap and we all love her. She fits perfectly in our family. They had a beautiful wedding. They were sealed in the Idaho Falls temple in the morning and then had a reception that night.

These are my grandparents from Arizona. I only see them once a year. I don't have any pics of them so I made them pose for me. They are amazing people.

Since we had tons of family and kids at my parents house waiting for the reception, my parents were kind enough to rent a huge jumping water slide. The kids loved it. Me and my sisters were dying laughing at Ellie because she had a monster wedgie the whole time!

The reception was gorgeous and Jeff and Anna were so happy. It was a perfect day.

Kameron and Ellie dancing. Awww! What a gentleman! Ya right. Everyone who knows him knows that's a joke!

Bear Lake and a broken arm

We make a trip to Bear Lake every year. This year was much different than any other year! To start with, the lake was VERY high so all the beaches were under water so we didn't even go to the actual lake. We stayed at the KOA which luckily had tons of stuff for the kids to do so we still had tons of fun. Tami and her kids came with us and tried out our new trailer. It was our first time using it and to start it off right, we punched a hole in the side of it while we were putting out the slide out. Oops. It totally crunched the electrical box and left a gash in the siding of the trailer. Needless to say Jesse was NOT a happy camper! (Ha! No pun intended!)

The KOA had cool bikes to rent and a big jumping pillow that the kids loved to play on. Things were going great.... until Kaden and Brayden thought it would be a good idea to jump over the cooler. Ya, Kaden didn't make it! When he tried to jump over the cooler he landed on his arm and ran over to me screaming at the top of his lungs that he had broken his arm. Well, earlier that morning he had fallen off his bike and insisted that he had broken his back. So I didn't believe him. The poor kid was up all night "trying to get his arm comfortable" and in so much pain. So first thing in the morning we drove him to Bear Lake Community Care and got an x-ray. Sure enough...

It was broken. I felt awful. Poor Kaden. I guess I'll try harder to believe him next time. We had a fun time still. We went to Minitonka Cave which was really interesting. Very cold inside. The kids did really well considering there are 888 stairs!


The kids are in tumbling this summer. It was Kaden's idea. He is really into Star Wars and thinks it's so cool that all the Jedi's can do flips and back flips so he wanted to learn how. He does really well and tries really hard. Ellie... not so much. She doesn't listen to her teacher very well and kind of gives a half effort. But she loves to go and has fun on the tramp!

This is Kaden attempting a hand stand!

This is Ellie in the middle of a cartwheel! I love it!

Here's Kaden doing a flip on the tramp. He tries so hard to land on his feet!
And here's Ellie doing a handstand. It is fun to watch them try so hard and get better each time. I think I'll put Ellie in dance for the fall. Kaden will stay in tumbling for sure. He can't wait until they teach him how to do a back flip!

July 4!

We just stayed in Pocatello this year for Independence Day. We went to the parade in the morning which was LAME! There was a total of about 12 floats. It was over in like 15 min and we had to sit through a rainstorm while we waited for it to come. Blah! Kids didn't really know the difference though.
We went up to the fair grounds to see the fireworks. We just sat in the back of Jesse's truck so we had a quick getaway and weren't stuck in traffic for hours.

Then we lit off our own fireworks. The kids didn't get to bed until 12:30, the latest they have ever stayed up. Kaden still talks about it!