Sunday, August 31, 2008

Thanks Case!!

So when I decided to run in the 5K two of my sisters and my brother were all going to run with me. Unfortunately for circumstances out of their control, Keri and Chris weren't able to come so me and Casey were the only survivors! It was so much fun to run with Casey. She was nice enough to give me tons of tips since she ran cross country in high school and is an old pro! She did awesome! She got second in her age group! Go Casey! Little does she know that she is now committed to running with me for many more races! St. George Marathon here we come!
Me and Casey at the starting line.

At the finish line with our major awards! Hahaha!

Casey on the award stand! Yeah!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Pocatello Marathon

Jen has been running several times a week since summer started. She signed up for the Pocatello 5k a month or two ago. The day finally came and her her running paid off! She took 1st place in Women Overall status and was only a couple of seconds from taking 3rd place in the Men's category.
Below: A picture of Jen with her medal, trophy and rose.

Congratulations!!! We are very proud!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Weekend in Malad

We finally made it to Malad this weekend. It's been about two months since we were there last! The kids loved to play with the goats and swing on the swing set. Kim beat everyone in croquet. I might have won if Jess hadn't kept stomping my ball into the ground! We got to go visit Grandma Helen and Ellie cried the whole time we were there the little stinker. It was definitely nap time. I also got Mary's salsa recipe! Yea! I'll have to experiment to see if I can get it right. She might not have time to make it this year so we will have to be nice and share with everyone. We take bribes!

These are the goats. Ellie loved to feed them!

This is a funny picture I took today. Kaden said he has to wear this hat when he goes paintballing so he doesn't hurt his head. Ellie was saying "Cheese!"

This is the super cute sweater that Grandma Helen knit for Ellie. She is amazing! Jess and I got raspberry jam! Yum!
Thanks Grandma!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I got nothin

So I took a visit to Mesa, AZ with my mom, Grandma Hinchcliff (or as the kids call her, Grandma Hiccup), my sister Erin and brother Chris for my cousins wedding. Our flight was Saturday afternoon and we showed up just in time to help get ready for the wedding which started with pics at five and a ceremony and reception to follow. The wedding was a beautiful reception at sunset in their lovely backyard. Then we crashed at my Grandma's house that night and went to sacrament mtg in the morning and then back to the airport and back home. It was a short trip, our flights were exactly 24 hrs apart. Jess was nice enough to juggle the kids alone all weekend. It was a great break and fun to spend with family. One down fall... I didn't take one single picture! I kept saying "I need to get out my camera", and I just got too busy and kept forgetting. While I was waiting for our return flight I went and got Kaden and Ellie some presents. Kaden was disappointed he didn't get to ride on an airplane (or as he calls it, airplaining) so I got him a little airplane and Ellie loves to draw so she got the big pen. (Kaden was willing to let me have the airplane for the picture but I had to promptly put it back on his dresser when I was done.) So this picture is my lone proof of my weekend vacation!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Bear Lake

We went with our great friends the Edwards and Mitchells to Bear Lake this week. It was so much fun! We stayed in a cabin right by the lake which had easy access to a private beach and a golf course. The boys enjoyed three rounds and the girls had a night out on the course. It ended in disaster for me. I lost four of Jesse's balls and his glove by the second hole. I hate golf! The kids loved the water, the sand and just running around the cabin unsupervised!

This is the boys building a turtle on the beach. It looked pretty good!

Here's the hill that our cabin was on. It was so much nicer than living out of our trailer!

Kaden spent the majority of his time pretending to drive the four-wheelers. He keeps begging Jess to buy him one... but it has to be yellow!

Ellie LOVED the sand... she was able to sit and get dirty without mom getting mad at her! The only downfall to playing on the beach all day is that there's no place to nap!
We four-wheeled up through the hills. Kaden was in heaven and Ellie fell asleep. We were all filthy by the end.
My new favorite picture of Kaden.

Sunset boat ride on the lake. Ellie cried 90% of the time.