Thursday, January 26, 2012

Jesse is 31!

It's always hard for me to come up with good ideas for Jesse's birthday. He's kind of hard to shop for since all he really wants is computer stuff that he buys for himself anyway. So I was really excited this year when I got him tickets to the 2011 MAACO bowl in Las Vegas to see Boise State vs ASU. We went down with the Edwards. It was a very short trip. We were only gone for 40 hrs but loved every minute of it. Lots of driving, lots of laughs, lots of disagreements on the music we listened to. (Yes, Nick I am talking about your Five Finger Death Punch!) We went shopping on the strip when we got to Vegas, went to eat dinner and then went to the game. Of course Boise won in a blowout so we actually left in the third quarter because it was FrEeZiNg! We then woke up at 3am for the long drive home! Gotta love it! Happy Birthday Jess!

Since we left on Jesse's bday we celebrated with the kids at breakfast. Breakfast is Jesse's favorite meal anyway. I made him breakfast burritos and had his favorite orange juice. Pure Orange, of course. It's really the only orange juice worth drinking.

It was nice to get some last minute Christmas shopping done on the strip. I thought it would be semi nice weather. No- it was WiNdY and COLD.

The game had it all. Fireworks, fly by from jets. Pretty cool.

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