Thursday, January 26, 2012

Christmas 2011

Christmas morning!
I got Kameron this bear that plays peekaboo. He saw it on QVC and was playing peekaboo with it on TV. He was laughing pretty hard!

Ellie had been asking for a happy napper since the summer I think. She finally got one!

And Kaden finally got his dog! It's a shih tzu and he named her Fifi. He kept begging for one this summer and we were able to fight him off. Then he started asking again for Christmas and we caved. He's actually quite protective of her and will always take care of her when I need him to. When we went to Malad that day Jeramy was holding Fifi and she crawled up on his shoulder and fell asleep. Later Kaden told me not to let Jeramy hold his puppy anymore because he wasn't responsible enough- he just let her sit on his shoulder and she could have fallen off. We laughed at that one for a while. Let's just say Jeramy doesn't get a turn holding her anymore!

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