Saturday, March 3, 2012

Christmas Eve

I love having Christmas Eve at home now that we have a bigger family of our own. My poor mom had to work so my dad came and joined us. We always have fish, steak and alfredo for dinner. We decided to finally use my wedding china. I grew up always using china on special occasions like Thanksgiving and Christmas and loved it. (Actually when Jess and I got engaged I told him we needed to go register for a china set and he was like "Ya...OK!" He totally thought I was kidding.) So my china has been sitting in a cupboard for these past nine years. It was fun and nostalgic to use it. The kids did very well. Even with their goblets. Kameron had to use plastic- still don't trust him!

Isn't he so cute? Oh...Kameron too!

And of course we have to act out the nativity. Ellie of course plays the roll of Mary. Jess is always the donkey/camel. Kaden played everything else and Kameron just wreaked chaos where ever he went! But he sure is cute when he's doing it!

Kaden the shepherd.

Kaden the wiseman. Notice our camel is a little tired.
And then the kids open their pjs. Kaden finally realized this year that it's always pajamas. But they got to open an extra present this year....

inflatable beds! I thought this would be fun for them to sleep in on Christmas Eve. They actually turned out to be really handy. All the kids slept in Ellie's room. Even Kameron stayed in bed all night!

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